Softaculous auto installer is an extraordinary installation that allows web applications with just one click of a button. It contains a wide variety of applications available, including websites, e-commerce solutions, content management systems, blogs, polls, forums and more. Softaculous can take care of the facilities of other auto-installers. Softaculous also has an easy way to backup, allowing access to backups of the facilities at any time. All new web hosting plans include Softaculous

A complete list of packages that can be installed through Softaculous can be found here.


Is everything free in Softaculous?

No, but most applications are open source and available without cost code.


Why use Softaculous to install applications?

Softaculous makes installing software packages such as WordPress and Joomla easily. Softaculous performs an installation process that involves everything, including the creation of the database and assigning permissions on the content on the Web. Softaculous can also create backup copies of the software to be installed.


Can I remove the applications that are installed with Softaculous?

If, applications that are installed can be uninstalled by Softaculous Softaculous.


Can you take care Softaculous installed software Fantastic?

If, Softaculous can take any installed software Fantastic, allowing Softaculous update and makes backup copies of the software. Please note, Fantastic can not take control of Softaculous software so this process is unidirectional.


How I can access Softaculous?

Softaculous is available in your cPanel control panel> Section Software and Services> Softaculous.


What makes Super Softaculous?

It contains a large catalog, hundred thirty-one applications to choose from.
Installing any application from your account hosting
View statistics for each application.
Choice of the most popular blogs, CMS, ecommerce and forums
Install any application with a single click.
Compatible with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and more.
Two times faster than other applications such as Fantastic.

How does it benefit me Softaculous?

Installing WordPress blog, forum or online store in seconds.
Wide variety of applications and scripts.
Saving money on web design costs.
Very easy to use. Install any application with one click.
Easy to use. Simply enter your cPanel XHN.ES and click the icon Softaculous.
Show of your application before installing on your web hosting XHN.ES.
See what others think about before you install the application.
faster updates. Applications are updated hourly with the latest versions.
Safer. Softaculous is pre-configured with safety rules.
It works perfectly with your hosting plan.
I am a web designer. How can Softaculous help me?

The Softaculous auto installer will help simplify the design and construction of their sites.

Creating websites faster.
Reducing development costs.
A site for all your applications.
Increased security with frequently updated applications.
Close more sales by expanding its product range.
It supports all popular CMS, blogs and online stores.

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